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About AHCN

درباره ما

 We started the House Church ministry in 2011 with 8 believers gathering in small apartment and reached to 450-500 around the country with 8 leaders who mostly lead these various networks by 2014.  Our goal was to reach to 1000 baptized believers with 100 house churches and equip and train leaders and prepare them to lead and expand this work by sustaining them through training and coaching.  We believe we have seen Lord work in the heart 1000 believers although all of them might not gather in the house churches and we praise God for this fruit and give all the glory and honor. In 2016 with the God’s provision, we were able to train 20 leaders who then trained another 90 leaders that are leading the House Churches and DBS groups from the around the country. In 2020, we are estimating 2000+ believers and the network grow in seven branches with around 120 leaders.  We are working on leadership development, resources development and member care. We have an Audio App with DBS lessons, various books, audio, visual materials and working on comic books, animated educational videos and development of the App.