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درباره ما

About AHCN

The Afghan Church Network began in 2011 with 8 believers gathering in a small apartment. Three years later, our network had grown to almost 500 believers around the country. It was exciting to see the hearts of our Afghan brothers and sisters open up to the Gospel. Our dream was to reach 1,000 baptized believers and establish 100 house churches. We also wanted to equip leaders with the proper coaching and resources to multiply the work that had already begun. By 2020, we estimate there were over 2,000 believers in our seven branches of the network with around 120 leaders.


However, in August 2021, Afghanistan fell to Taliban control. This was, in the short-term, devastating for the emerging Afghan church, since many who had boldly proclaimed their faith were now in immediate danger. Many believers went into hiding and needed a way to escape the country.


Our team quickly moved into action, providing safe houses and arranging flights and ground transporation for Afghan believers to get out of Afghanistan. Over the course of the next 18 months, the Afghan Church Network evacuated over 750 individuals from Afghanistan. We continue to provide housing, living expenses and legal assistance for those still waiting to obtain their visas, as well as food and medical aid for those staying in Afghanistan.


Alongside this necessary work, we are nourishing their spiritual lives. We’ve begun re-establishing our network in the many countries where Afghans have now settled across the globe, while still reaching those in Afghanistan. We’ve continued leadership training, house churches and DBS groups. We have also developed many online resources like audio Bibles, podcast teachings, and spiritual resource books – all available in local languages.


Our team is expectant for God to restore the Afghan church, and that we’ll soon see it grow and mature far beyond the pre-crisis size. Thank you for taking the time to read about our ministry and for your interest in our work.



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